Udry Drying Rack & Mat by Umbra

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UDry Drying Mat from Umbra

Umbra Products at Type A Home

Are you trying to decide between a dish rack or a drying mat for your kitchen?

Well, we think Umbra has the answer for you.

I’m Ashley from Type A Home located in Parc Modern at Uptown in Victoria, BC

Umbra has this great item - it’s called the Udry Drying Mat -- and comes in a nice beige, also grey here and simply when you’re done washing your dishes and want to set them on the counter to dry, you open this guy up.

You have the slots here where you can put your heavier items, like your plates and stuff - over here you can put cups or knives or utensils - and extra padding for your other pots and pans, stuff like that.

Once it’s all dried and finished and you put them away, this can simply fold up and there is an elastic band that just loops right over it all and you can just throw this in your drawer in your cupboard and it’s nice, small, compact and keeps your kitchen clean and all well organized.

If you’re interested in this product you can visit us at Uptown or on our e-commerce store TypeAHome.ca or call us anytime at (250) 590-1110.

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