Re-usable Water Bottles by S’Well

Keep Your Cold Drinks Frosty Up to 24 Hours!

Are you looking for a water bottle that keeps your water cold all day long? Well, S’well is the answer for you.

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S'Well Water Bottle (multiple color options)


Here’s how to keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot all day long.

Hi, I’m Ashley from Type A Home located at Uptown in Victoria, BC.

S’well is an awesome water bottle that literally will keep your water cold for 24 hours or you can also put hot liquids in and it will keep it hot for 12 hours.

I know I can vouch for this as in the summer when I was lying on my dock at the cottage, I had this out right in the blazing heat and I would take a drink from it three hours later and it was still nice, refreshing, ice cold water.

They also have great designs – lots of different colors – they have patterns – even different textures – this is a really cool mat one.

Ya, we are getting new designs in all the time, so come check us out at our store at Uptown or on our e-commerce site at or call us anytime at (250) 590-1110.

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