Go Eat Food Container and Salad Box by Joseph & Joseph

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GoEat™️ Salad Box

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Hi, how’s it going? Today we’re talking about salads on the go. I know when I pack my salad, I have about five different containers and I have to haul all of it into work

I’m Ashley with Type A Home located in Parc Modern at Uptown Mall in Victoria, BC.

Today we’re looking at the Joseph & Joseph GoEat™️ salad box and this was a life changer for me as it is all in one little container.

When you’re packing it up, you just take the lid off there, flip this up and in this larger container you put your greens, spinach, salad, whatever you prefer.

And in this top part here, totally sealed up, you can put your tomatoes, cucumber, you can put some nuts, you can put some bread, crackers, whatever you like to top your salad with and it has a little mini container as well, where you can put your dressing right in there so everything doesn’t have to get damp

You can seal it back up so it’s all in there and when you put it back on here, you will flip it this way, and then it won’t all get crushed – your lettuce – and you flip this right over and you’re good to go for the day – you’ve got your lunch all packed up.

Same way when you’re all done – you’ll flip this back inside – a little more compact as well for when you’re storing it in your cupboard it doesn’t take up as much space and you have your lunches ready and easy to go.

If you like this product, come see us at Uptown Mall or online at TypeAHome.ca or call us anytime at (250) 590-1110.

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